The Walpole Youth Soccer Association is a volunteer organization, consisting of 100+ volunteers who support 1000+ player every season. First and foremost, a big THANK YOU to all those who help out! Our goal is to achieve 100% volunteerism from soccer parents; whether you do a lot or a little, every bit counts!


Become a Volunteer

Volunteering for Walpole Youth Soccer does not have to be a formal commitment, anything that you can do to help is much appreciated! Something as simple as picking up trash left behind on the fields, bringing orange slices for halftime at games, or guiding traffic in the parking lots is a huge help. Additionally, with our recent website refresh, we could use some pictures of games and practices. Feel free to reach out to the President or Referee Coordinator to have your pictures posted to the new site!

If you're interested in volunteering in a more formal capacity, please reach out to the President or Vice President to coordinate! WYSA is always in need of volunteers to fill the following roles:

  • Coaches
  • Field Cleanup Crew
  • Field Assessment Crew
  • Goal Movers
  • Jamboree Helpers
  • Fundraisers

Thank you in advance! Suggestions to improve the organizations (or any specific program) are always welcome.