Game Day Schedule (Grades 3-12)

The Spring 2024 home game schedule for Grades 3-12 can be found here


Important takeaways: 

  1. Arrive at least 30 minutes early so you can set up the fields. Use parents if needed or players if your teams are old enough to move the goals safely. 
  2. Use the wheels when moving goals. Don't drag them.
  3. Fields should be cleared of goals, corner flags, bases and trash after the last games - don't just bail and assume someone else will clean up after you. 
  4. It is important that everyone does their part to set up and clean up each week.


  1. Teams playing at Mylod for 9 am should arrive sufficiently early to open and secure the gate, set up the goals and grab the corner flags from the upper half of the shed.
  2. The 9 am and 3pm games are the ONLY games at Mylod this Spring. So these coaches have to set up before and take down after their games.
  3. When both sets of games are over, the 9v9 goals should be moved back off the endlines.
  4. Flags should be returned to the shed and the 3pm coaches are responsible for closing the fields and locking the gate.


  1. Grade 5/6 girls teams playing at Ellis in the mornings should arrive sufficiently early to set up the goals and grab the corner flags from the shed.
  2. Grade 5/6 boys teams should move the goals away from the sidelines and return the flags to the shed after the last game of the day.
  3. Please make sure you play on your designated field. Some weeks we use both fields a lot, some weeks we use each of them once. We are trying to spread the wear and tear and this is done intentionally. 
  4. Gates should be locked after the last game of the day which is the 3pm game.

South Walpole

  1. 9am Games:  teams playing at 9 am should arrive early enough to set up the goals on your respective fields. The goals are all marked for their appropriate field.  
    1. Additionally, teams playing at 9 am should also get 4 corner flags from the storage shed at the back of the complex as well as the heavy flag bases if they are not already out. 
  2. 3pm Games:  teams playing at 3pm should move all the goals and bases against the fences on the sidelines and put all the corner flags away in the storage container after the game concludes. 
  3. 7v7 games will be played on Field 1 and 11v11 or 9v9 games will be played on Field 2
  4. There are enough flags and bases to run 5 games on the turf fields at a time. You should not be playing a game without the flags and bases in place if you arrive on time. It takes 2 minutes to grab them if they are all left in the appropriate places. The black field lines are difficult to follow and the refs and kids benefit from having the flags in place to distinguish between goal kicks/corner kicks and throws.