How to Register

  1. Open the link below in a new tab (right click > 'Open in new tab')
  2. Create a family profile (only for first time family registration)
  3. Create a player profile (only for first time player registration)
  4. Complete registration details (name, season, grade, contacts, etc)
  5. Pay registration fees (credit card or fee waiver, see FAQs)

Register with AdminSports


Registration Fees

The WYSA registration fees cover uniforms (for K-2 players), professional coaches, field time, referees, league dues, and insurance, among other expenses. If you feel as though you cannot pay the registration fees for a given season, please see the FAQs for more details. No child will be denied to opportunity to play soccer for financial reasons.

For Spring 2023, the registration cost is $195 per player. The Kindergarten In-Town program costs $125 per player.

The family maximum for a single season is $415. Additional fees beyond that price point will be automatically waived.



Generally speaking, WYSA does not provide refunds for registration fees. Under special circumstances, refunds may be provided to your WYSA / AdminSports account. Special circumstances may include:

  • Serious player injury prior to the start of the season (100% refund credit)
  • Registration withdrawal 2 months prior to the start of the season (100% refund credit)
  • Registration withdrawal 1 month prior to the start of the season (50% refund credit)
  • Financial hardship (situational)

Late fees are nonrefundable. Please contact the Registrar with any questions.



What if I cannot pay the registration fees for a given season?

  • WYSA has a limited amount of financial assistance available for distribution. If you feel you cannot pay the registration fee, please checkout with the 'Fee Waiver' payment method, and include your request for assistance in the comments section. Alternatively, reach out to the Registrar ahead of time. WYSA has assistance packages of both 50% and 100%. A WYSA board member will contact you to determine the amount of assistance that can be provided.

Will my player be automatically placed on a team if I register before the deadline?

  • All players who register and complete payment prior to the deadline will be automatically placed on a team in the appropriate program. Placements for registration after the deadline are performed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registrations received beyond team capacity will be placed on a wait list. If placed on a waitlist, registration fees are refundable. Late registrations without late fees will not be accepted.

What are the registration requirements to attend a Select Travel team tryout?

  • If a player registers for the WYSA Select Travel program, both the registration and payment processes must be complete in order to attend a tryout. Tryouts are required if the player wishes to be considered for a Division I or Division II team, but all players who register and do not tryout will still be placed on a team. More information regarding the tryout process can be found via the Tryouts page.