Tryouts are the process by which the WYSA Select Travel program teams are selected. Tryouts for players in Grades 4-8 take place a few months prior to the start of the season, and are mandatory for anyone wishing to play on a Division I or Division II team. Players who have registered by the deadline but do not participate in tryouts will be placed on a Division III or Division IV team.


BAYS Divisions

BAYS, the league in which WYSA's Select Travel program plays its games, is comprised of four divisions. Divisions are ordered in terms of competition level, with Division I and Division II teams selected based on player ability. Division III and Division IV teams are generally comprised of players of blended ability levels. Typically, WYSA will select two upper division teams per age group per gender, being either one Division I and one Division II team or two Division II teams.


Select Team Commitment Policy

The commitment expectations for players placed on Division I and Division II teams are high. While WYSA understands that players have multiple sporting, family, and extracurricular commitments (and encourages them), the expectation is that players will attend at least 90% of practices, 90% of regular season games, and 100% of BAYS playoffs or MTOC post-season games. If a player cannot fully commit to a Select team schedule, placement on a balanced team in Division III or Division IV may be more appropriate.


Select Travel Teams Player Selection

The teams of the Select Travel program are chosen on the basis of three factors:

  1. Evaluations submitted from the coaches of the previous season
  2. Observations made by Travel Directors during practices and games
  3. Assessments conducted by instructors at open tryouts prior to the season

These selections are made with regard to a player's technical skill, athletic aptitude, and commitment to the WYSA program. Placement on a Select Travel team in any previous season does not guarantee placement on the same team for the following season. Factors such as attendance, attitude, and work ethic will all be considered when assessing a player's performance during a prior season. As is to be expected, all players will receive an equal opportunity to compete.

Please keep in mind that team assignments are made with the best interests of players and the team in mind.


Select Travel Teams Division Placement

Following the tryout process, Travel Directors will evaluate all of the information from coaches, tryouts and other assessments and create the teams. Once the teams are created, the Travel Directors will then identify potential coaches from the list of rostered players and confirm coaches' availability. Once complete, the coaches and directors discuss the teams' appropriate placement within the BAYS league. Consistent with player selection for their assigned team, the division placement is conducted with the best interests of the players and teams in mind. The goal of division selection is to facilitate a competitive season, which is optimal for player development.  The players in each grade have different skill sets, abilities and strengths so a Select team in Grade 5 may compete in Division I while the Select team in Grade 6 may be best suited for Division II.


Tryout Process

The Travel Director and Tryout Coordinator manage the tryout process, with evaluations performed by impartial evaluators who may include professional coaches, WYSA board members, and WYSA coaches. Please note that WYSA coaches are not permitted to participate as evaluators in tryouts that include their own child's age group.

For optimal results, Mylod is a closed facility during tryouts. Parents, spectators, other teams, players and coaches not involved in the tryout are not permitted in the facility during the sessions.

Players will play in a series of small-sided games, maximizing touches on the ball and player-to-player interaction. Ball control and teamwork are paramount in eyes of the evaluators.

During the callback tryouts for players entering Grades 7 and 8, the small-sided games are followed by larger scrimmages, either in the 11v11 or 9v9 format (player count dependent).

Players interested in trying out as goalkeepers should identify themselves as such at tryouts; goalkeepers will be evaluated collectively at some point during the session. Goalkeeping candidates should try out with the understanding that goalkeepers placed on a Division I or Division II team will be expected to willingly play in goal for at least 50% of every game. 


Tryout Session Checklist

On the day of a tryout, players should:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to register and warm up
  • Wear cleats, shin guards, and appropriate clothing
  • Bring a large water bottle
  • Collect two numbered, different colored shirts from the registrar
  • Let the evaluators know of intent to tryout as a goalkeeper, if applicable

During the tryout, players should:

  • Work hard for the duration of the session
  • Exhibit a good attitude
  • Strive to be a good teammate
  • Encourage others to play well

Team Placement Announcements

Once teams have been determined, rosters will be published on the home page of this website. This will not occur until sometime between seasons (Summer for Fall placements and Winter for Spring placements), so as to not distract players during the ongoing season. Coaches will contact their assigned teams in the months leading up to the new season.


What if I think my player was deserving of placement on a higher-level team?

  • WYSA understands that player placement is not an exact science, and that is impossible to please everyone with its decisions. WYSA always strives to do its best to objectively place each of our 1,000+ players on a team appropriate for his/her competitive level. Players unhappy with their placement are encouraged to continue playing and develop with their assigned teams. Players will have the opportunity to earn a higher team placement at the following year’s tryout. A disappointing placement can be utilized as an opportunity to teach young people how to persevere in the face of adverse circumstances.

What is the policy on playing with your age group v. “playing up”?

  • Players in BAYS are expected to play with their grade, per US Youth Soccer guidelines. Occasionally, parents feel that their player is so strong that they are not being challenged within their own age group. Parents may then request that their child 'play up' with the next higher grade. The request will be reviewed by the Travel Directors and the coaches of the highest ranked team of the higher grade. Generally speaking, this is highly unlikely to be approved. WYSA believes that these players would be better served playing in Club soccer programs, with their peers, and not put in competition with older and often more physical players in the higher grade.

What should I do if the coach hasn’t contacted me in the weeks before the upcoming season?

  • Please feel free to contact the WYSA Travel Directors if the team coach has not contacted you prior to a month before the start of the season. It may simply an error in the communication of contact details. Whatever the case may be, the Travel Directors will ensure that players, parents, and coaches get on the same page.